Green salad, yellow beetroot, sorb, goat cheese (GMV, V)4250,-
Roasted white asparagus, home mayo, horseradish, air dried mangalica ham5650,-
Roasted duck liver, stawberry, sunflower seed, brioche (GMV)8650,-
Tortellini (spiced mangalica, kale)5350,-
Angus beef tartar, aioli, toast (GMV)5950,-
Mushroom mastersoup, pak choi, home noodles (VN)4950,-
Main dish
Signature grilled chicken, warm potato salad (GMV)7350,-
Smoked trout, marinated egg (GM, LM)9850,-
Mangalica meatloaf, squash stew, dill8950,-
Slow roasted lamb, potato dumpling, wild garlic9950,-
Oxtail, beetroot, carott, chervil and sour cream (LM, GMV)9600,-
Classic goulash, sourdough bread7400,-
Wake up in the garden (Layered spring vegetables gratin) (VN)6250,-
Poppy seed & lemon3450,-
Chocolate "ice cream" with strawberry3450,-
Cheese selection from farm to table (GF variation)4950,-

on weekend lunch from 12:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Tips from the bar/dl
Xpresso Martini4250,-
Kávé + 182500,-
Tokaji Szamorodni (Oremus 2017/18)3200,-15000,-
Tokaji late harvest (Béres 2016)4100,-14500,-
Graham's Fine Ruby Port (Porto)4600,-33500,-

Tuesday - Friday: 18:00 - 23:00, Saturday - Sunday: 12:00 - 23:00