A real local vibe in the heart of downtown: taste the best goulash in town, prepared by chef Renato Kovacs.

Leafly green salad, brussel sporus, apple, goat cheese (G)(V)5500,-
Lángos Flat bread, truffle, aged cheese, wild garlic caviar (V)5590,-
Roasted duck liver, beetroot, quince, brioche (LF, GF variation)10450,-
Angus beef tartar by chef Renato7950,-
Mushroom MASTER soup, pak choi, home noodles (VN)(GF variation)6950,-
Jerusalem artichoke velouté, radish, celery (G)4950,-
Signature grilled chicken, polenta, pickled7850,-
Marinated trout fillet, spinach, gnocchi9950,-
Roasted Mangalica prk shoulder, garlic, cabbage strudle, apricot jam10900,-
Homemade lamb sausage, mashed potato, purple onion x apple9950,-
Classic goulash, sourdough bread (L) (GF variation)8450,-
Cauliflower steak, parsnip pureé, beluga lentil, almond (V variation)6950,-
Eclair donut citrus3950,-
Apple pie, caramell, vanilla3950,-
Gundel crepes walnut, chocholate, raisin3950,-
Vegan winter(L,G)3950,-
Cheese selection, From farm to table (GF variation)6950,-
The End from the barGlass (1dl)Bottle
Winter rum punch4650,-
Espresso Tonic2100,-
Tokaji Szamorodni3200,-15000,-
Tokaji late harvest4100,-14500,-
Graham's Fine4600,-

Tuesday - Friday: 18:00 - 23:00, Saturday - Sunday: 12:00 - 23:00