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Omlette / scrambled / fried egg (extra egg: +250 Ft) (G-F)1200,-
+ ADDAir-dried smoked bacon (1 year process) (L-F)700,-
Norwegian salmon marinade (L-F, V)950,-
Smoked duck breast (L-F)950,-
Burrata, basil (V)900,-
Heirloom mushrooms (G-F, V)700,-
Grana padano parmesan, cheddar cheese & paprika chutney (G-F, V)800,-
Goat cheese, sun dried tomato (G-F, V)1000,-
Pork frankfurter, Dijon mustard cornichon, bread (G-F)2050,-
AOC croissant, jam selection, butter (V)950,-
Sandwich with melted cheese, caramelized onion and roast beef (G-F, V)2850,-
Avocado cream, soft boiled egg, toast (G-F, V)2350,-
Croque monsieur / madame (toasted bread, cheese, ham, béchamel) + fried egg2650,-
Roasted meat selection (beef, chicken, duck, pork) with horseradish, cucumber mustard pickle and bread (L-F, G-F)2100,-
HILDA salad, soft boiled egg, bacon, lemon vinegrette (L-F, G-F, V)1950,-
Cheese selection from farm-to-table (V)2150,-
Organic yoghurt, granola, fruit purees, fresh fruits (G-F, V)1750,-
Sausage (100% pork meat), Dijon mustard cucumber pickle, bread2650,-
Croissant sandwich, duck liver terrine, caramelized onion, cheese2150,-
Bread basket + butter / Gluten-free bread + butter450,-
Weekly dessert · Please ask for more info!1200,-

On weekdays and Saturdays until 11:30 am, on Sunday with Brunch until 05:00 pm.

Duckbreast tartare, orange, olive, chive, toast (GM,V)2450,-
"Mosaik" paté (duck, pork), pickled vegetables2350,-
Duck liver creme brulée, brioche, onion chutney (GM option)2850,-
Radicchio salad, marinated salmon, apple, walnut, blue cheese (LM, GM, V option)2590,-
Veal ragout soup with tarragon1900,-
Classic beef goulash soup, bread (GM option)1750,-
Christmas fishsoup - appatizer2250,-
Slow braised beef, hunter sauce, potato soufflé (LF)4250,-
Wild pig ragout, heirloom mushrooms, polenta (GF)5600,-
Roasted lamb chop, bean variations, brussel sprout (GF)7950,-
Confit duckleg, sautéed red cabagge, dried plum, crispy sweet potato (GM)4550,-
Rotisserie chicken "paprikash", dumpling4400,-
Pan fried trout, wild rice, winter vegetables, sweet ginger sauce (GF)5200,-
Parmesan risotto, sautéed radicchio, beetroot3150,-
Christmas fishsoup - main dish (LM, GM option)3950,-
Strudel, cinnamon apple and pear, creme anglaise1500,-
Mont Blanc (GF)1500,-
Chocolate pie, bourbon, walnut, whipped cream1500,-
Charity coconut panna cotta, fruit (GF,LF,V) - YOU together with HILDA & FOODBANK help to put Chritmas dinner on a table for one family!1500,-
Cheese selection from farm to table (GF option)2150,-

Opening hours

Mo-Sat: 9:00-23:00, Sun: 9:00-17:00

1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 5.