Delicious food, bohemian chic. The newly renovated interior of the Art Nouveau building designed by József Hild was dreamed up by the renowned Hungarian contemporary architect Péter Szendrő. Created in collaboration with Gábor Melka, the mosaic wall, lively colors and art deco elements are reminiscent of Hilda’s figure. The diverse flavors to discover, the French light interior, the extraordinary attention and the friendly service are all part of Hilda’s DNA.


We are grateful for the existing conditions of the Hungarian landscapes and we give our guests the best of everything that the countryside has given us. Using centuries of experience and French cuisine knowledge, we prepare typical Hungarian dishes that retain their well-known characteristics, yet initiate a gastronomic change. At the same time we also serve gluten, lactose-sensitive and vegetarian guests new and familiar dishes – pure flavors made of first-rate ingredients.


Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are essential for us. More than 70% of our seasonal and organic raw materials come from Hungary, this way we also reduce our environmental impact of shipping. Alongside this concept, we have a bi-weekly menu based on the farm-to-table movement and developed with the help of our chef Mátyás Igaz – carefully selected dishes made of organic ingredients, served with light-hearted and honest attention.



Tuesday - Friday: 18:00 - 23:00, Saturday - Sunday: 12:00 - 23:00