Hungarian foie gras (quince, pear, port wine) (LF variation, GF variation)3550,-
Deviled eggs (bacon, salmon, smoked paprika, garden salad) (GF, V variation)2200,-
Dry-aged Mangalica ham (flaky pastry, goat cheese, fig) (GF variation)3450,-
Pigeon consommé (meat, vegetable) (LF, GF)2100,-
Classic beef goulash soup (pinched noodles) (LF, GF variation)1750,-
Mangalica pork chop (haricot bean) (GF)6100,-
Chicken paprikash (potato dumpling)4950,-
Rosé duck breast (pearl barley, gizzard, chestnut, plum) (LF variation)5150,-
Hungarian trout fillet (smoked cauliflower, spinach) (GM)4750,-
Traditional egg dumplings (porcini, cucumber salad) + extra mangalica ham (V)4450,-
Túró Rudolf (hungarian specialities) (GF)1650,-
Chestnut, haselnut, chocolate (GF)1650,-
Coconut & lime panna cotta (seasonal fruit, muts) (LF, GF)1650,-
Café gourmand (espresso, macarons) (GF)1650,-
Cheese selection from farm to table (GF variation)2850,-
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Omlette (3 eggs, bread) (GF variation)1200,-
Scrambled egg (3 eggs, bread)1200,-
Fried egg (3 eggs, bread)1200,-
Benedict egg (2 eggs, brioche)1200,-
+ ADDCrispy bacon (LF, GF)700,-
Garden salad (LF, GF, V)700,-
Cheese (Parmesan, cheedar) (GF, V)700,-
Fresh vegetables (LF, GF, V)700,-
Smoked ham (LF, GF)700,-
Fried sausage (LF, GF)700,-
Heirloom mushrooms (LF variation, GF, V)700,-
Smoked duck breast (LF, GF)700,-
Smoked salmon (LF, GF)700,-
Avocado cream (GF, V)1000,-
Goat cheese, dried tomato (GF, V)1150,-
Pesto, feta cheese (GF, V)1150,-
Bread basket + butter (GF variation)450,-
Sandwich with melted cheese, caramelized onion and roast beef (GF variation, V variation)2950,-
Croque monsieur / madame (toasted bread, cheese, ham, béchamel) + fried egg2750,-
Avocado cream, soft boiled egg, toast (GF variation, V)2450,-
Marinated vegetables, pesto, parmesan, ruccola, toast (GF variation, V)2450,-
Cheese selection from farm to table (GF variation, V)2850,-
DELUXE brunch for 2 (croissant, bread, butter, duck liver, jam, boiled egg, cheese, ham, salmon, marinated vegetables, salad, orange juice)9550,-
Farm yoghurt, granola, fruit purées, fresh fruits (GF, V)1750,-
AOC croissant, jam selection, butter (V)950,-
French toast, raspberry purée, fresh fruits, whipped cream (V)1750,-
Café gourmand (espresso & macarons) (GF)1500,-
Weekly dessert · Please ask for more info!1500,-
Tip from the bar
Xpresso Tonic950,-
Detox green smoothie for 2 (spinach, ruccola, cucumber, mango, green apple) · 4 dl2950,-
Aperol Margarita2650,-

On weekends Brunch from 9:00 am.


Monday - Friday: 11:30 - 23:00, Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 - 23:00

1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 5.